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Financial Information

Financial Aid
The Graduate Financial Aid Office in New Brunswick processes new students’ financial aid application request, if you have submitted one. For more information regarding your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office in New Brunswick at

If you have not submitted a financial aid application but still wish to do so, you will need to do that as soon as possible.  You may complete the 2019-2020 financial aid application (FAFSA) by visiting

Student Accounting
Access the Student Accounting website at to view and pay term bill which will be generated shortly after a new student registers for classes.

The School offers over 200 scholarships to MSW students.  Although these scholarships do not pay for complete tuition costs, they do help significantly with the costs of attendance.  Scholarship decisions are based on a combination of merit and need.

Research Assistantships
More than 75 research assistantships are available each year on all three campuses and allow students to work closely with social work faculty at the School.  Selected students work for approximately 6 hours per week for $15/hour.  The research assistantships include not only a weekly income but they also provide professional opportunities to engage directly with faculty who are conducting cutting-edge research, writing grants, or implementing new programs here at the School.  Available research assistantships are announced via email to all MSW students the first week of classes in September.


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