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The School of Social Work embraces an adult learner model of advising, where advising sessions or contact is usually scheduled and initiated by the graduate student. Advisors assist students with developing a course sequence that will them to complete the MSW Program requirements, specialization, career options, and extenuating circumstances that might impede their progress in the Program. Advisors also assist students with interpreting the academic policies and regulations of the School of Social Work, but ultimately each student is responsible for understanding and meeting MSW program requirements. Students are not required to contact their academic advisors, but are encouraged to do so at any time during their matriculation. Advisors are available in person or via email and telephone.

The Office of Student Affairs will notify new students with the name and contact information of their advisors soon after new students are admitted. Students should contact the Office of Student Affairs if there are any questions about advisors.

Charles Chear, Teaching Instructor, Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Newark Campus Coordinator

Marian Diksies, Associate Professor of Teaching and Director of Student Affairs

Arlene Hunter, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Natalie Moore-Bembry, Teaching Instructor, Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Camden Campus Coordinator

Karun Singh, Professor of Teaching, Lecturer

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