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Self-Care Toolkit

The Importance of Self-Care

Practicing and studying social workers are susceptible to compassion fatigue and burn out as they provide care to others. Finding proper and individualized ways to unwind after facing various stressors can recharge the mind, body, and spirit for personal and professional growth and fulfillment.

The Office of Field Education's Self-Care Toolkit is developed and maintained by a working group of MSW students aimed at identifying a range of supports and resources to assist their peers and greater community of social work professionals.

For additional personal support available to Rutgers University students by campus, please click here

2021 Amendments to the NASW Code of Ethics: Self-Care

Advocates for the inclusion of self-care language in the NASW Code of Ethics raised the matter of self-care as a key component of ethical and professional excellence. This aligns with empirical research demonstrating that proactive self-care reduces the likelihood of impairment and enhances job satisfaction and professional longevity. They compellingly argued that explicit inclusion of the value of self-care in the NASW Code of Ethics would serve as a powerful preventive function and support a healthy culture among social workers. As such, the Code has been amended to include new language in the Purpose section that reads: 

Professional self-care is paramount for competent and ethical social work practice. Professional demands, challenging workplace climates, and exposure to trauma warrant that social workers maintain personal and professional health, safety, and integrity. Social work organizations, agencies, and educational institutions are encouraged to promote organizational policies, practices, and materials to support social workers’ self-care

To learn more about the 2021 NASW Amendemnts to the Social Work Code of Ethics, please follow this link

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Individual Exercises

Self-Assessments, DBT Exercises, Worksheets
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Vicarious Trauma

Including support for maladaptive response
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Community Support & Activities

Support Systems, Volunteer Opportunities
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Media & Art

Videos, Poetry, Imagery, Articles
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