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Social Work Licensing

Social Work Licensing Information

Getting your social work license can seem like an overwhelming task. You may be asking yourself:

  • Do I even need to be licensed? 
  • How do I get my license? 
  • How do I prepare for taking the licensing test?
  • How much will the licensing test and application cost? 
  • How long will it take to get licensed?
  • Can I work before I have my license?

The Rutgers School of Social Work is pleased to provide you with information to guide you through the process of taking the licensing exam and to answer many of the questions you may have about licensing in New Jersey and beyond.

While it is not required, we do encourage students who would like formal preparation from an instructor on how to answer questions that mirror those appearing on the actual licensing exam to register for one of the licensing test preparation workshops offered by the School of Social Work’s Office of Continuing Education (CE) or through the National Association of Social Workers – New Jersey Chapter (NASWNJ). To obtain a calendar of licensing test preparation workshops and details on how to register for them online, please access the Rutgers CE link at:

Here are the main website links for the following organizations related to social work licensing:

Please note that all of these websites are updated regularly. Therefore, you should access them at least once a semester prior to taking the licensing exam to ensure that you have the most current information regarding steps to getting licensed, registering for a test preparation course, and licensing-related fees. We recommend that students take the exam in the final semester prior to graduation.

Study Resources


  • Apgar, D. (2020). Social work licensing advanced generalist exam guide: A comprehensive study guide: (3rd Edition), Springer Publishing Company. (Note: The 2nd edition is currently available online via the Rutgers library. When available, we are adding this 3rd edition. Both include practice exams).
  • Apgar, D. (2020). Social work licensing master’s exam guide: A comprehensive study guide for success (3rd Edition), Springer Publishing. (Note: Includes Interactive Digital Prep for the ASWB Masters Exam)
  • ASWB (2020). ASWB Masters Study Guide 2020 and 2021: Social Work ASWB masters exam guide with practice test questions for the MSW exam (3rd Edition), TPB Publishing.
  • Inc. Bar Charts (2014). DSM-5 overview (Quick Study Academic) (pamphlet)

Online Activities and Study Apps


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