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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the SSWGSA?
Good news! All students currently enrolled in the Rutgers School of Social Work MSW program are members of SSWGSA.

How do I contact the SSWGSA?
The best way to contact us is via email at

Who can attend SSWGSA meetings?
Any and all MSW students are invited to join our meetings. If you are interested in attending but cannot get down to New Brunswick, let us know. We are always open to having virtual attendees via Skype. 

Where and when are SSWGSA Council meetings held?
The executive council meets each month, September through May, in the School of Social Work Building, Room 209. More information on upcoming meeting times and dates coming soon. 

What does the SSWGSA do for the community?
Each year, the SSWGSA votes on a charity they want to help out for the year. During the year, a portion of the proceeds from every T-shirt and sweatshirt sold is donated back to the charity. This monetary donation, in addition to other services we may do over the year, is our way to give back to the community. 

Is there an organization for the LBGTQ community?
Yes, following the death of Tyler Clemente, SWAGGER (Social Workers Advocating for GLBTQA and Gender Non-Conforming Equal Rights) was started by a group of social work students concerned about LGBT issues. For more information, contact Dr. Michael LaSala at

Is there a graduate student lounge on campus?
There are two graduate student lounges in New Brunswick Campus. The Graduate Student Lounge (GSL) is located on College Avenue Campus across from the Rutgers Student Center and directly behind Panera. The entrance is located around the corner from Panera under archway between the RU Student Center and Panera. The second location is the Art History Graduate Lounge, located at 71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ.

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