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Enhancing Victim Services Project

During the 2017-18 academic year a federal Victims of Crime Act grant was awarded to Rutgers University through the NJ Office of the Attorney General to increase support for victims/survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking on campus. The “Enhancing Victim Services throughout Rutgers University” project is housed at the Center for Research on Ending Violence (REV) at the Rutgers School of Social Work.

Dr. Sarah McMahon, Associate Professor and Director of The REV Center serves as the principal investigator for the grant. The project is currently funded through August 2023 and continues to work alongside a designated advisory board to support the neeeds of each campus and serve survivors. 

The grant continues to be a collaboration between REV and members of the Camden, New Brunswick, Newark, and RBHS campuses that addresses sexual and dating violence. These members include representatives from Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinators, and the Offices for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance.The main project goals are the expand direct services for victims/survivors on Newark, New Brunswick, Camden, and RBHS campuses; train students and staff to connect victims to services; engage the university in addressing violence on campus; and strengthen the coordinated, university-wide approach to sexual and dating violence. Funding provided by this grant allows for an Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) to exist on all of the Rutgers campuses, extending support and information to students throughout the Rutgers community.

This continued collaboration will focus on the following on several objectives. One such objective being, the sustained efforts of the VPVA offices on each campus in addition to targeted outreach to specific populations. The grant will also focus on connected with faculty and stuff to ensure their awareness of resources as well. The grant has allowed campuses to expand outreach to victims of other types of crime on campus. In an effort to do this, each campus hired a graduate assistant dedicated to researching best practices, programming and awareness raising activities around addressing issues of all types of violence on campus. The grant is working to encorporate an intersectional, anti-racist lens with an expanded focus of this work to include providing technical assistance throughout the state to help build capacity to address sexual and dating violence in higher education and high school.  

In addition, The REV Center continues to develop university-wide messaging through various collaborations such as participation in National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, creating various PSA's, and working toward a centralized website highlighting the resources that exist on campus for victim/survivors. The Center for Research on Ending Violence is providing technical assistance to each of the campuses to strengthen their response, ensuring compliance with state and federal grant reporting, and supplying evaluation to the grant activities to determine the effectiveness and impact of the campus efforts. 



New Jersey Statewide Conference on Campus Sexual Violence 

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