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MSW Course Offering with a Focus on International Social Work

HBSE: Immigrants and Refugees (19:910:543): Explores the ever-changing dimensions facing social workers who work with refugee and immigrant clients. The social work profession was founded on aiding social, cultural, and economic adjustment of newcomers to the United States. Topics include becoming a refugee, the international experience before arrival in the United States, the refugee experience, culture shock, cultural adjustment, post-traumatic stress, and war and refugee trauma. Special groups will be discussed, including women and children, survivors of torture, gender-based violence and victims of human trafficking, detainees, and asylum seekers. Special attention will be paid to family issues, intergroup conflict, and intergenerational issues. Post 9/11 issues facing refugees and immigrants will be discussed as well as the role that social workers play in the fight against anti-immigrant policies, sanctions, and discriminatory practices.

Global Social Work and Social Development (19:910:545):  (Elective) Explores global social work, past and present, and the application of social work methods (micro and macro) to vulnerable groups within today’s global context. Students learn about different social service delivery systems around the globe and initiatives aimed at developing and improving systems of care (with an emphasis on developing countries). Students have the opportunity to select a country and vulnerable group for more in-depth study. Students learn about global social work and international development career opportunities and explore their own career goals.

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