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About Us

The Office of Global Social Work Programs began in 2006 from what was the International Social Work Committee, and then the Center for Global Studies. Originally administered by the Institute for Families, the Office of Global Social Work Programs now functions as an independent center within the School of Social Work. 


To promote global citizenship and professional action among social work students, graduates, faculty and professionals to foster the improved well-being of our most vulnerable children and families in New Jersey and beyond.


The Office aims to be a leader in responding to the global interdependence which has brought increased awareness of shared human problems across the globe such as children deprived of parental care, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, juvenile and adult crime and imprisonment, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, disability and family violence.  The Office will continue to work to expand course offerings, research and field practice opportunities in direct practice and public non-profit management that address global concerns for vulnerable children, families and individuals. It will broaden awareness by offering events, workshops and resources that focus on incorporating a global perspective of social work practice both locally and internationally.  A key component of these efforts will include fostering partnerships with other international social work organizations.

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