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Training Solutions

There is a national and state commitment to protecting and serving families. The Office of Human Services Training and Educational Programs (HSTEP) and IFF exemplifies the land-grant mission of Rutgers University by providing continuing education and professional development programs, program evaluation, and applied research services, organizational consulting, and technical assistance to the human services community across the state and beyond. Our training development and delivery model is receiving stellar results from the child support professionals in NJ because it meets the challenges of their job, increases efficiencies, and enhances customer service by unifying the approach to all phases of the child support process.

Training is the bridge that connects people with information and can have a critical impact on the effectiveness and efficient of any organization. HSTEP offers a variety of custom services aimed at operating, building, supporting, and improving training solutions utilizing the following methods:

Needs Assessment:
Accurately assessing any situation in your program is important when making decisions and allocating resources. HSTEP works closely with needs assessments to identify specific training needs, saves time and resources by ensuring that the focus of the training meets your training needs, and identifies training gaps, priorities, triggers, and solutions. We offer a variety of techniques aimed at identifying gaps, or discrepancies, and arranging them in priority order for resolution. Sometimes, the gap between "what is" and "what should be" establishes the objectives for training programs. HSTEP uses a variety of needs assessment methodologies to involve problem solving and goal setting.

Curriculum Development and Design:
The design phase is the foundation of a training program. HSTEP can assist in the design and development of your training materials by offering a comprehensive model that includes a style guide, how to write objectives, and project management methodology that tracks each phase of the development process through completion. Foundation courses and specialized courses can also be developed to meet your program's needs.

Delivery Solutions:
Our training and development team has extensive experience applying adult learning methodologies to the management, analysis, design, development, and delivery of training. Our focus is to deliver blended learning solutions to audiences at all levels in the child support community. Our Train-the-Trainer model ensures the trainer's effectiveness in the classroom.

Evaluation Methods:
Our on-line evaluation tools measure individual knowledge gain, course evaluations, and instructor evaluations to measure the effectiveness of the training. These results are available immediately after each training session and offer valuable knowledge needed to grow the training program. There are a variety of evaluation techniques that can be used for analysis:

  • Pre and post assessments
  • ​Course evaluations
  • Instructor feedback
  • Supervisor surveys

These results are also used for reporting purposes and analysis.

Learning Management System:
HSTEP can custom design a learning management system that lists courses, training schedules, and houses individual training profiles to meet your program's needs. With a state-of-the-art online registrations and tracking system, staff can sign up for courses any time.

On-line Program Manual:
A web-based program manual serves as an online framework of procedures that are easily accessible with the click of a button. HSTEP can provide the necessary resources to host a comprehensive program manual that meets your needs. The purpose of the on-line manual is to assist staff in identifying mandated service and regulatory requirements and clarify policy issues right at your desk.

Web-Based Training Courses (WBT):
WBT program are self-paced, interactive courses designed to enhance training initiatives. WBTs can be designed that range from teaching an employee how to navigate through a computer system to introducing specific strategies for a job task.

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