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Child Welfare and Well-­Being Research Unit

The Child Welfare and Well-Being Research Unit works closely with supporting the Institute for Families. In this exciting partnership, the research, evaluation, and implementation work will funnel directly into the training, capacity building, organizational, and technical assistance work of IFF. The breadth of existing and emerging in-house capacity at Rutgers presents an opportunity for jurisdictions to work closely with one team on specific and narrow research needs, or across the entire spectrum from research to program development and implementation to scaling and training. 

Team Members

Cassandra Simmel, PhD, MSW
Associate Professor of Social Work

Emily Bosk, PhD, MSW
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Jacquelynn Duron, PhD, MSW
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Abigail William, PhD, MS, MSW
Assistant Professor of Social Work 

Adrian Gale, PhD, MSW
Assistant Proessor of Social Work 

Kate Stapleton, MSW
Doctoral Research Assistant

Kate Fay, JD
Doctoral Research Assistant

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