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Office of Research and Evaluation


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"Are we delivering quality services? Are our programs effective? Are we meeting the needs of our community?"
These are the types of questions that human service professionals grapple with on a daily basis. In today’s environment, stakeholders and funders require answers that are grounded in research and data, not just opinion and experience. The Office of Research and Evaluation at IFF specializes in helping the human services community use rigorous applied research techniques to answer these and other practical questions.

We leverage our strengths in the following areas in order to deliver the highest quality research and evaluation products to your organization or program: 


The Institute for Families Office of Research and Evaluation has been meeting the applied research needs of human service organizations for more than 10 years. Our work has covered an array of topics including mental health, child welfare, substance abuse prevention, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health issues, developmental disabilities, child and adolescent services, along with strategic issues related to organizational operations and community planning.

Customized and Cost-Effective

Our staff understands that your needs are unique and will customize our services to meet your specific requirements and priorities. As part of the Rutgers University School of Social Work, we are dedicated to quality public service and community collaboration, and develop efficient, timely and realistic budgets that reflect the work involved. We seek opportunities to partner with private and public entities to leverage and secure funding support for special projects as well.


We help you tap into the resources of Rutgers University, a member of the BIG10 consortium of research universities as well as the American Association of Universities, a group of more than 60 of the most elite research universities in the United States. We have access to various libraries, research centers, analytical and survey tools, specialized websites and clearinghouses, and the most recent advances in a variety of innovative fields. We have faculty, staff and students in 8 satellite offices across the State of New Jersey.

Our full suite of services include:
• Needs assessment
• Program evaluation
• Data analysis
• Logic model development
• Identifying & measuring outcomes
• Strategic planning
• Organizational & program development
• Training evaluation
• Quality management
• Capacity development
• Performance monitoring
• Data tracking systems

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