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NJCSI Research and Evaluation

NJCSI’s programs undergo a rigorous cycle of needs assessment, development, validation, and evaluation.  Our course designers and instructors work in teams with state and local subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop each course. All participants complete pre-and post-training assessments to measure knowledge growth and course evaluations to capture feedback about the effectiveness of the training delivery and course materials. Our evaluators collect and analyze the data and provide reports on NJCSI service levels to our state partners. The evaluation information helps identify new training opportunities and areas requiring a change in policy or procedure.  In addition, NJCSI uses the data to improve the quality of its programs and to ensure that it continues to meet the training requirements of the state’s child support professionals.

NJCSI uses an evaluation model that focuses on identifying changes in knowledge and skills of participants, measuring changes in worker performance following training, and examining changes in outcomes for children and families served by the NJ Office of Child Support Services (OCSS).  These evaluations examine proximal, intermediate, and long-term outcomes of our training programs.

  • Proximal Outcomes—Changes in Knowledge: Changes in trainee knowledge are examined through pretest and posttest surveys conducted for each course.
  • Intermediate Outcomes—60-Day Post-Training Assessment: To examine the extent to which training content is incorporated into practice, NJCSI seeks input from trainees and their supervisors regarding on-the-job performance following the training. The 60-Day Post-Training Assessment is completed online, using survey software accessible through the LMS.
  • Process Evaluation: Process evaluation activities focus on obtaining and reporting information such as number of trainings held, number of staff trained, and profile of staff trained. Efforts are also made to identify obstacles that may prohibit effective application of training skills in the child support enforcement program in New Jersey.

Click here to go to our Reports Page where you can download IFF documents including select NJCSI reports.

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