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Symposium on Sharing Our Collective Future

Symposium participants.

Peggy Dulany, Founder and Chair of Synergos, congrats Dr. Dezhi Lu (Chairperson of Huamin Foundation) on the 10th anniversary of Huamin Foundation, and praises the release of Capital and Collective Sharing Trilogy, written by Dr. Lu.

Dr. Lu delivers a keynote speech on Thoughts on Collective Sharing Civilization.

Peggy Dulany and Darren Walker (President of Ford Foundation) discusses Collective Sharing and its effects on sustainable growth for our future.

Dr. Guosheng Deng of Tsinghua University overviews the development of philanthropy in China and discusses importance of collective sharing for China and beyond.

Daofeng He, chairperson of Daofeng and Angela Foundation, delivers a speech on innovative partnership and collective sharing.

Feng Lu, Vice Dean of Omni Vitae Institute of Science, applies the space-time perspective on collective sharing civilization.

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