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Service Learning Abroad 2017

Four students and three faculty and staffs participated in the program. Students could practice the social work skills in the migrant children school and mental health hospital. All members actively exchanged with the non-profit organizations, schools, and hospitals and participating the activities with other participates.

Rutgers Students and faculty presented a gift to the principal of Blue Sky Elementary School in Beijing.

Rutgers students led an activity in the class.

The migrant children wrote down positive behaviors in the chain and Rutgers students helped them to place it in the classroom as a reminder.

Children from Blue Sky migrant school gave a present to Rutgers students.

Rutgers student conducted the “Helping hand” activity with the children.

Rutgers students and faculty hand-made notebooks to migrant students as gifts.

Field trip at the Museum of Global Finance in Beijing with migrant children and volunteers of the New Citizen Project.

Rutgers students and faculty participated in a group support activity in mental health hospital.

Rutgers students and faculty visited a community-based rehabilitation center.

Rutgers students and faculty participated in peer support group in the mental health hospital.

Group picture with the social workers and interns at the Institute of Mental Health, Peking Sixth Hospital.

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