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2019 China Study Abroad

Eight students and three faculty and staffs participated in the program. All the members enthusiastically took part in visiting various social welfare agencies, foundations, and universities in Beijing. Students not only gained the opportunity to have first-hand experience on understanding the nature and practice of social welfare system in China but also learned the Chinese culture.

Rutgers students arrived at Friendship Hotel in Beijing.

Rutgers students exchanged with Department of Social Work at Renmin University.

Rutgers students visited Huamin Foundation and had lunch with the staff of Huamin Foundation.

Rutgers students did group activity with migrant children.

Rutgers students visited the Forbidden City. Although it was raining, students all enjoyed the time there.

Rutgers students visited the Institute of Mental Health, Peking University.

Rutgers students visited the Sany Foundation and discussed the social work issues.

Rutgers students exchanged at Jinsong Middle School.

Doing handcrafts with students at Jinsong Middle School.

Rutgers students visited the Great Wall in China and arrived at the top of the Wall.

Rutgers students visited Jingsi Book Store which is founded by Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation.

Rutgers students visited Beijing Children Hospital and led group activities with children.

Rutgers students visited a nursing home in Changping, Beijing and exchanged gifts with the manager.

Two of Rutgers students were playing Mahjong with the elders at the nursing home.

Rutgers students had dinner with faculty and staff of the Department of Humanities and Laws, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.


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