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Service Learning Abroad, June 3rd - 17th, 2015

Field trip at the Beijing Museum of Natural History with the migrant children and volunteers of the New Citizen Project

Group picture with the volunteers of New Citizen Project after a day at the Beijing Museum of Natural History

Dr. Chien-Ching Huang presenting gifts of appreciation for the continuous support to the principal and teacher of Blue Sky Elementary School

Group picture with one of the class that the Rutgers students conducted activities with at the Blue Sky Elementary School

A gift made to the students at Blue Sky Elementary School by the 2015 Service Learning cohort and volunteers

Nathalie Peck giving the children at the Rehabilitation Center for Deaf Children a short session of Taekwondo exercises

The children at the Rehabilitation of Deaf Children created animal face masks as a representation of themselves

Chopping red chilis to help produce the hot sauce that is sold to help support the Rehabilitation Center of Deaf Children

A day visit at one of the farms owned by Organic and Beyond

Dr. Juan Rios giving a more in-depth presentation on Dialectical Behavior Therapy to follow up on topics covered last year at the Institute of Mental Health, Peking University Sixth Hospital

Sharing their experience on the group activity with social work interns, social workers and other individuals that are part of the Peking Sixth Hospital

Dr. Juan Rios presenting a skill training manual for treating borderline personality disorder to the Institute of Mental Health

Lisa Lawson, a former Service Learning Abroad student, completes her Life Skills Building Project at a group home with the seed funding received from Clinton Global Initiative University and the support from the Huamin Research Center

The group completed and decorated more pots of fruits and vegetables for the Life Skills Building project

Group picture with the social workers and social work interns at the Institute of Mental Health, Peking Sixth Hospital


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