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Crime Victim Rights Week

When a friend shares with you that they have experienced violence, we know that you want to help. Did you know that Rutgers has offices on all of its campuses that provide support services? You and your friend can come here to learn more about all of your options and ways we can support you. We R Here.                                                                                    





The We R Here campaign is an initiative to let members of the Rutgers community know that help is available on every campus to support students who have been affected by sexual violence, dating violence, or stalking.

Rutgers is a leader in sexual assault research, prevention, and victim assistance, being recognized by the previous White House administration at both the Center on Violence Against Women and Children and the New Brunswick Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance. Now, with support from a Victims of Crime Act grant funded by the NJ Attorney General’s Office, Rutgers has expanded victim services and education to all 3 of their campus locations to ensure students have a place to go to for help.

We R Here is rolling out on April 9th during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Each campus has events supporting this launch, including the following: (put directly on page or create as separate pdf?)

As a part of the We R Here campaign, various events will be happening across the 3 campuses. Check out the below options for your participation during National Crime Victims' Rights Week! 



7 pm

Take Back the Night



6 pm

The Hunting Ground screening


2:30 pm

The Clothesline Project


7:30 pm

Take Back the Night


New Brunswick



All day

Empty Chair: Purple chairs displayed in different spots around the campus representing victims who are not on campus that day due to violence.


7:30 pm

A.R.T. (Awesome Relaxed form of Therapy) Program: Expressions of art highlighting the experience and impact of violence.


7 pm

Rutgers CARES program: Informative program on how to support victims/survivors of violence and connect them to resources.

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