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Campus Climate Survey Tool

A link to a copy of the #iSPEAK survey instrument is available below. This survey is a copy of the tool piloted at Rutgers University-New Brunswick in 2015. Recommendations about ways to enhance the tool, particularly the victimization questions, are provided in the team’s report to the White House Task Force entitled Campus Climate Surveys: Lessons Learned from the Rutgers-New Brunswick Pilot Assessment. Some scales are newly-created by the Principal Investigator and research team and should be credited as such. 

The current tool has undergone further testing, and recommendations for a revised tool will be available soon.


 Rutgers University Campus Climate Survey

For more information on the survey tool, please feel free to contact

Download our guides, Understanding and Responding to Campus Sexual Assault: A Guide to Climate Assessment for Colleges and Universities, and reports of our findings.

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