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Addressing Interpersonal Violence at Rutgers University

What's happening at Rutgers

During his 2018 Report to the University Senate, President Barchi highlighted the commitment on behalf of Rutgers University and the State of NJ to end relationship violence on campus.

"One way in which state funding is leveraging our expertise for the benefit of all New Jersey residents is in addressing sexual harassment and relationship violence, where Rutgers continues to be a leader among our peers. We have just completed the first year of an initiative funded in part by the New Jersey attorney general through the federal Victims of Crime Act to provide [funds to support] education activities for the Rutgers community and to offer enhanced victim support services on all our campuses. As part of this effort, we launched campaigns such as We R Here to inform students, faculty, and staff about all the programs and services we are using to eliminate relationship violence. The initiative has also provided a range of victim support services to approximately 20 new clients each month since last fall. Our success in this first year has led to continued state funding at the same level, plus funding for Rutgers to convene a state-wide dialogue among education leaders in 2019 that will explore new approaches and share existing methods for deterring this unacceptable behavior."

(see the full speech in the link above) 

Additionally, Offices for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance have been established on all 4 Rutgers Campuses. Information regarding each VPVA can be found below. 

Just Released! The NJ Attorney General's Office has renewed the "Enhancing Victim Services" Grant for another 2 years! 


Offices for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance

The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance is committed to creating a community free from violence. The Offices on each campus provide services designed to raise awareness of and respond to the impact of interpersonal violence and other crimes. Through a combination of direct service, education, training, policy development, and consulting to the University and broader community, the offices serve as a critical voice in changing prevailing beliefs and attitudes about violence.

The Offices for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) are partially funded by the Enhancing Victim Services Grant through the Attorney General's Office (AG-VOCA)


The following pages offer guidance and resources on the Rutgers University path toward addressing and ultimately ending, interpersonal violence. Resources are available under TA Resources

Follow the link to learn more about the "Enhancing Victim Services Project" funded by the NJ Attorney General's Office through a Victim of Crimes Act Grant

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