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Testing the Effects of an Integrated SUD Training Program (ISTP) in Underserved Communities

People with substance use disorders (SUDs) often have co-occurring mental and physical health conditions, though integrated care is uncommon due to service fragmentation. Furthermore, few health professionals are trained in evidence-based SUD services, especially those treating opioid use disorder in medically underserved communities. To address these issues, a collaboration between Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (project team), Rutgers Center for Prevention Science (evaluation team), and urban and rural community health clinics in New Jersey (implementation sites) was awarded the Integrated Substance Use Disorder Training Program (ISTP) through a $2.575 million federal grant from HRSA in 2021.

The evaluation of the Integrated SUD Training Program is led by Dr. Jamey Lister (PI), alongside the Director and Associate Director of the Center for Prevention Science, Dr. Andrew Peterson (Co-I) and Dr. Kristen Gilmore Powell (Co-I), respectively. This study, through a $425,000 sub-award, will investigate whether the training program changes healthcare utilization and outcomes in the clinical sites and local communities. Multiple and mixed methods will be used to analyze primary data from surveys and focus groups with varied stakeholders and secondary data from electronic medical records (EMR) and community health measures.

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