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For more information about the Center and opportunities for collaboration and mentorship please contact the Center’s director, Dr. N. Andrew Peterson, at 848-932-5367 or or the center’s associate director, Dr. Kristen Gilmore Powell, at 848-932-8609 or


Center for Prevention Science
390 George Street, Suite 612, 6th Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Center Staff:

Phone: 848-932-5367 •
Dr. Kristen Gilmore Powell, Associate Director
848-932-8609 •
Zoha Ansari, Research Assistant
Brandi Blackshear, Research Assistant
Alisha Cupid, Graduate Assistant & Doctoral Student
Michael Enich, Graduate Assistant & Doctoral Student
Harkiran Kaur, Project Coordinator
Emilie Mankopf, Project Coordinator I & Doctoral Student
Clare Neary, Project Coordinator I
Jennifer Schrum, Graduate Assistant & Doctoral Student
Danielle Sylvester, Project Coordinator
Dr. Victoria Banyard, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Emily Bosk, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Qiana L. Brown, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Antoinette Farmer, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Emily Greenfield, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Jamey Lister, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Sarah McMahon, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Ray Sanchez Mayers, Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Allison Zippay, Faculty Affiliate
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