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Selected Current Projects

County Welfare Agency Leadership and Management Development Project

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of organizational functioning in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties, this project seeks to assist the leadership teams of county-level public welfare agencies to define and enhance organizational outcomes. 


CORE is an Organization dedicated to Conserving Orangutans through Research and Eduction. Part of CORE’s mission is “To protect wild Orangutans and their habitats through research, training, and environmental education in the area surrounding the Tuanan Orangutan Research Station in the Kapuas Region, Central Kalimantan, and Indonesia.”

The Center for Leadership and Management will assist CORE in fundraising and marketing strategies, program development and strategic planning. The Center will also assist with the process of CORE becoming a 501c (3) organization. 

Woodbridge Fire Department

The Center for Leadership and Management, in cooperation with the Office of Continuing Education of the Rutgers School of Social Work, will present a series of training modules for current and potential supervisors and managers of the Woodbridge Fire Department.

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