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Allison Zippay

Director of Doctoral Program and Professor

Ph.D. California, Berkeley

Dr. Zippay’s research interests include: Planning, community and social development; siting of community- based psychiatric and affordable housing; social network theory, locational theory; poverty and employment policy; resource mobilization among low income groups.

(848) 932-5385

Faculty Affiliates

Elsa Candelario

Professor of Professional Practice

MS in Social Work, Columbia University

Her practice interests include: diversity and equity in nonprofit leadership, nonprofit governance, human resources management, social determinants of health related to immigrants and Latino/a communities and cross sector collaboration, planning and advocacy.


Antoinette Farmer

Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ph.D., Pittsburgh

Dr. Farmer's research interest include parenting behavior, religion and spirituality, adolescent high risk behaviors, and the evaluation of social work practice.


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