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Student Profile: Kerri Fox, MSW, Traditional Program

Can you give a brief biography?
I graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in psychology and English. My intended path was to pursue my education and either become a psychologist or teach English at the college level. I decided to take a year off and work in Manhattan. I started out in book publishing, quickly found my way into marketing, and continued working in the industry for 30 years. Now, ready to learn something new and give back to society in a more meaningful way, I am in graduate school at Rutgers working towards my MSW through the traditional, two-year program.

What is your hometown?
I grew up in Dix Hills, N.Y.

What drew you to Rutgers School of Social Work’s MSW program?  
I was looking for a well-regarded, accredited MSW program, and Rutgers fit the bill.  Plus, I know many people who have attended Rutgers and had only positive things to say about their experience.  

What were you most excited about in coming to the School and the program? Most nervous about?  
I’ve always loved school, so I was excited to be on campus again, learning and exchanging ideas.  I was nervous about navigating the college experience having been away from it for so long.  

What are your areas of research or professional interest?  
I am interested in doing clinical work and having my own practice.  However, every class I take inspires a different course of action.  I’m keeping an open mind.

What drew you to this particular area? 
 I am in the ACT program learning about addiction. I think a large number of people are predisposed to addiction, be it drugs and alcohol or food and shopping.  And with technology, more and more research is showing how users are addicted to gaming and social media.  Unfortunately, the need for trained professionals in this area is only growing.

5 words that friends would use to describe you.  
Smart. Funny. Caring. Courageous. Inspirational.

Do you have a favorite quote or phrase that serves as your persona creed or motto?  
I’m sure students submit this quote often, but that’s because it is so clear and so powerful.  It’s Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What are you reading/watching currently?  
I just finished reading Here Comes the Sun: A Novel by Nicole Dennis-Benn. It’s her debut novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I recently binge-watched this season’s House of Cards, and I’m currently watching Ray Donovan.  Although I must admit, in this crazy political environment I’m addicted to MSNBC and CNN.

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