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Training the Emotionally Focused Therapist

Angela DeCandia Vitoria, LCSW is a DSW third year student. Angela's publication: Training the Emotionally Focused Therapist. In K. Jordan (Ed.), Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Supervision, 325-344.

Woolley, S. R., Faller, G., Palmer-Olsen, L., & DeCandia Vitoria, A. D. (2016). Training the emotionally focused therapist. In K. Jordan Editor,  Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Supervision, 325-344.


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) was developed by Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg and was first published as a couple therapy outcome study based on Johnson's dissertation, which Greenberg chaired. The couple and family version has been developed primarily by Johnson and colleagues since that time. Greenberg and colleagues have developed a model they call Emotion-focused Therapy. Because the couple and family EFT outcome and process research to date has primarily been done on Emotionally Focused Therapy, this chapter is focused on supervising from an Emotionally Focused Therapy perspective, and EFT will refer to Emotionally Focused Therapy. The EFT supervision model was first developed and articulated by Palmer-Olsen, Gold, and Woolley and was based on a study of how certified EFT therapists developed competency in EFT. The EFT supervision model is the first known empirically derived model of supervision in the field of couple and family therapy. This chapter presents the basics of the EFT supervision model, along with additional insights that have been gained by the authors since 2011. 

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