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Experiential Supervision: Healing Imposter Phenomenon From the Inside Out

Angela DeCandia Vitoria, LCSW is a DSW third year student. Angela's publication: Experiential Supervision: Healing Imposter Phenomenon From the Inside Out. The Clinical Supervisor


Psychotherapists acquire skills in high stakes environments while actively treating clients in distress. The natural disparity between skill mastery and client need can affect neophyte and experienced clinicians alike. Left unaddressed, self-doubt and emotional dysregulation can escalate to imposter phenomenon, a debilitating mental state marked by feelings of incompetence, failure, and professional fraudulence. Although recent studies have examined the impact of imposter phenomenon upon psychotherapists, few have provided an evidence-based approach to supervision to address it. This article presents a case report to illustrate the integration of narrative therapy and interpersonal neurobiology into clinical supervision to alleviate imposter phenomenon.

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