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Conexiones: Brokering Connections with Unaccompanied Immigrant Adolescents in Secondary Schools

Stephanie is a school social worker for over 10 years in the Union City Public Schools district. As a school social worker, Stephanie has and continues to learn from the immigrant students she works with. Among the experiences and stories she has heard throughout the years are those of youth who migrated to the United States as unaccompanied minors. Their stories share themes of courage, searching for opportunities, loss, trauma, and connection. The article is a composite case example that illustrates the importance of helping unaccompanied minors in secondary schools make important connections that foster resiliency and healthy youth development. 

Stephanie's publication: Cedeño, S.,M. (2021). Conexiones: Brokering connections with unaccompanied immigrant adolescents in secondary schools. School Social Work Journal, 45(2), 1-20. Retrieved from

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