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Research Specialist- Data Analyst

Posted on May 14, 2021

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking Data analysts for the Center for Gambling Studies, within the School of Social Work. The position provides data-analytic support and supervision for a range projects, primarily focused on large data analysis of Internet gaming and sports wagering data in New Jersey.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Constructs statistically advanced programs to foster analysis and linkage of large, sensitive state datasets, epidemiological data, and/or other data sets.
  • Works under the direction of the Director and Assistant Director to implement statistical programming and data analyses for CGS projects
  • Performs a variety of data-related duties to to improve and normalize data including data cleaning, documentation, quality control, data aggregation and integration.
  • Provides data, programming, analytical support, and supervision for student workers and other staff/faculty accessing and utilizing the data for specific projects.
  • Applies data weights, extracts subsamples from and/or merges larger data sets to facilitate statistical modeling.
  • Cleans data, constructs analytic variables and develops and documents methods and procedures including codebooks and methods for scholarly articles.
  • Reviews all data received from primary and secondary sources to evaluate data quality and availability over time to maintain consistency and accuracy.
  • Performs other duties as required in support of the Center’s research mission.

Minimum education and experience: 

  • Master’s degree preferably in computer science, biostatistics, epidemiology, statistics, economics or an equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of data management and analysis experience in a social science or policy environment and/or training in advanced research methods and/or AI/machine learning.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities: 

  • Proficiency with R and SAS statistical software required; STATA and SPSS suggested.
  • Ability to code, extract, analyze and interpret large volumes of data using statistical and, ideally, algorithmic and machine learning tools.
  • Ability to identify patterns in “big data” and interpret the to generate meaningful summaries and results.
  • Exceptional organizational skills with a keen eye for detail and accuracy with superb data documentation skills.
  • Ability to proactively build innovative data plans and programming to answer complex questions and to merge and/or reduce data for discrete projects across years.
  • Ability to supervise all aspects of data analysis and reporting and to work well in teams.
  • Ability to effectively interpret supervisor’s directions and communicate progress and problems in a timely way.
  • Capacity to create visually appealing and understandable presentation of data.
  • Ability to maintain data privacy and safeguard data management, in concert with the IT department at the School.
  • Exceptional time management skills and the ability to effectively prioritize and manage multiple projects and deadlines.
  • Strong “data hygiene” skills with an understanding of best practices for validating his/her own programs and output as well as being able to replicate and validate the work of other analysts.
  • Experience working with large, complex administrative data sets.

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