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Ph.D. Faculty


Ayse Akincigil
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Rutgers
Aging and mental health, economics, and HIV/AIDS.

Edward Alessi
: Associate Professor, Ph.D., New York University
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) mental health issues and clinical social work practice.  

Wen (Vivien) Anthony
: Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of North Carolina
Etiology and risk mechanisms of internet and video game addition; intervention research

Victoria Banyard:
Full Professor, Ph.D., University of Michigan 
Violence prevention and resilience, assisting communities to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence.

Emily Bosk:
  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan
Child wellbeing, child welfare services and policy, integration of social service systems, and infant mental health.

Qiana L. Brown
: Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Substance use disorder epidemiology, maternal and child health, urban health, mental health, social determinants of health, and prevention science.

Stephen Crystal
Professor; Associate Director for Health Services, Research Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research, Ph.D., Harvard
AIDS, long-term care, homelessness, and longitudinal data analysis. 

Laura Cuesta
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
International approaches to child and family policy, poverty and inequality, and parental incarceration among disadvantaged families.

Laura Curran
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., California-Berkeley
Family and child policy practice; welfare policy; social welfare history/theory; gender and sexuality.

Jacquelynn  Duron
: Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Houston
Children, youth, and families; emphasis on the intersection of family and justice systems

Richard L. Edwards
: Professor; Ph.D., SUNY at Albany
Nonprofit and public management, international social work, and social work education.

Antoinette Y. Farmer
: Professor; Ph.D., Pittsburgh 
Parenting behavior, religion and spirituality, adolescent high risk behaviors, and the evaluation of social work practice.

Patricia Findley
: Associate Professor; DrPH, Illinois, Chicago
Physical disability, chronic illnesses, women's health, and the veteran population. 

Jerry Floersch
: Associate Professor; PhD, Chicago
Youth psychotropic treatment, case management, and the use of qualitative methods to evaluate practice.

Adrian Gale
: Assistant Professor; MSW, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Understanding how Black youth’s schooling experiences in general, and Black boys’ experiences in particular, contribute to the achievement gap.

Emily A. Greenfield
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Wisconsin-Madison
Aging, life course human development, social relationships and health, and supportive services for older adults and family caregivers.

Anna Haley
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Chicago
Low-wage or “working poverty” jobs in for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors; employment policies

Chien-Chung Huang
: Professor; Ph.D., Columbia 
Child support, social assistance, poverty, and income redistribution.  

Myungkook Joo
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Washington in St. Louis
Early childhood development, analyses of policies and programs designed to help low-income children, and effects of poverty and economic inequality on children's outcomes.

Jeounghee Kim
: Associate Professor; Ph.D. Washington in St. Louis
Poverty, economic inequality, low income labor markets, health disparity and policy analysis.

Michael LaSala
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., SUNY at Albany
Clinical social work; gay and lesbian issues; marriage and family therapy.

Jeffrey Longhofer:
 Associate Professor; Ph.D., Kansas
Mental health case management; social and psychological dynamics of shame and stigma in mental health practice. 

Judith McCoyd
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr 
Perinatal health, medical decision making, bereavement, medical technology and human response.

Sarah McMahon
: Associate Professor; Ph.D. Rutgers
Violence against women and social work education. 

Felix Muchomba:
 Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Columbia
Gender inequality, allocation of resources within families, and social and economic development policy with a focus on developing countries.

Shari Munch:
 Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State
Perinatal healthcare and clinical social work.

Lenna Nepomnyaschy
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Columbia
Child and family policy, poverty and inequality, and health disparities. 

Lia Nower
: Director, Center for Gambling Studies, Professor; Ph.D., Washington and J.D., St. Louis
Pathological gambling, substance abuse, and other addictive disorders; forensic issues in mental health.

N. Andrew Peterson
: Professor; Ph.D., Missouri-Kansas City
Community organizing, substance abuse prevention, program evaluation, and empowerment theory.

Judy Postmus
: Professor, Director, Center on Violence Against Women & Children and Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Suny Albany
Violence against women including intimate partner violence and sexual assault; impact of policies and services on abuse survivors and their children; interagency collaboration models.

Cathryn C. Potter
: Dean, Professor, Ph.D., University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work
Children and families at risk, especially those served in the child welfare, children's mental health and juvenile justice systems. She also has a particular interest in minority over-representation and service disparity in child and family serving systems.

Kathleen Pottick
: Professor; Ph.D., Michigan
Child and adolescent mental health and psychiatric delivery systems.

Raymond Sanchez Mayers
: Associate Professor; Ph.D., Brandeis
Financial management in nonprofits, administrative issues, Hispanic issues, geographic information systems and geospatial statistics.

Cassandra Simmel
: Associate Professor, Ph.D., California-Berkeley
Child welfare policies, programs, and services; foster youth involved with and/or transitioning out of the child welfare system; child maltreatment; and child and youth mental health.

Emmy Tiderington
:  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan
Housing and mental health services for adults with serious mental illness.

Abigail Williams-Butler
: Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan, MS, Developmental Psychology, and MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Understanding the developmental trajectories of adolescents involved in child serving systems - particularly the child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental health systems.

Allison Zippay
: Professor; Director, Ph.D. Program, California-Berkeley
Community planning and practice;  psychiatric and affordable housing planning and development; social networks and resource development among poor and low-income groups; employment and poverty policy.

Karen Zurlo
: Associate Professor, Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Gerontology, retirement, financial well-being, health, life course development, social welfare policy, psychosocial interventions, and international social work.

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