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Degree Specializations, Certificates, Dual Degrees

Customize Your Education

Beyond offering our MSW program in multiple formats including full- and part-time on-campus, 100% online, blended online and in-person learning, and intensive weekend options, students also have the opportunity to further customize their studies to best suit their areas of interest and future career plans.

Download the MSW program chart to visualize and compare program options and understand what works best for you.



A specialization focuses on advanced methods of social work practice by size and type of client system and are designed to develop greater depth in knowledge and skills building upon the generalist foundation required for all MSW students. Both specializations require two (2) advanced practice methods courses (six credits) and a minimum of six (6) credits of advanced field instruction.



Rutgers School of Social Work offers five embedded MSW certificate programs. Upon admission to the MSW program, new students are encouraged to contact the certificate program of their choice to begin the application process.


Designated Emphasis Programs

Designated Emphasis Programs are noted on student transcripts and requires students to select electives from emphasis-specific offerings and complete their field studies at an agency completing similar work. 


Dual Degrees

In an effort to offer as many opportunities as possible, the SSW offers graduate dual degrees. To apply, students must be enrolled in the MSW on-campus program.

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