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2018-2019 MSW Fellows in Aging

Meet the 2018-2019 MSW Fellows in Aging

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 MSW Fellows in Aging! These students will complete their fellowship as part of their advanced social work field placements, where they will complete leadership projects to enhance the organizations' capacity to touch the lives of older adults and caregivers.

    Justin completed his first-year internship at Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell. The facility is a Continuing Care
    Retirement Community (CCRC) where the interdisciplinary care plan team focuses on “aging in place.”
    His advanced internship will be at the Center for Health, Identity, Behavior, and Prevention Studies (CHIBPS)
    which concentrates on minority populations with a focus on the disparities of HIV, substance use, and mental
    health. He will participate in the research processes that can bridge the gap  between theory and practice
   within the realms of Public Health. He is particularly interested in working with the LGBTQ and Aging
   population as more people enter older adulthood. Overall, he hopes to gain a better understanding on the
   Social Work discipline in promoting healthier lives among the aging population.

PARKER HOME, Piscataway
Joe interned at South Brunswick High School (Rutgers UBHC) for his first-year placement. For the 2018-2019 academic year, he will be at
Parker Home. His previous experiences in aging include an undergraduate psychology internship and research project at Parker, and taking care
of his grandmother who had Alzheimer's Disease. Joe's interests and future career goals in the aging field include working with individuals and
their families who have Alzheimer's Disease or who are receiving hospice services. He is looking forward to being back at Parker, working with
the stellar staff, and developing a project to enhance the care provided to its residents.


Rachel interned at the Aging Services Division of the Jerusalem Municipality Department of Social Services
during her undergraduate studies in Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel). This year,
Rachel will be primarily working with older adults at Daughters of Miriam Center / The Gallen Institute, a
subacute rehabilitation and long-term care facility in Clifton, New Jersey. Rachel aspires to develop creative
interventions to alleviate social isolation and loneliness amongst older adults. She is interested in
multigenerational work with families and communities.  With the fellowship, Rachel hopes to advance
geriatric emotional well beingand mental health by improving the quality of education, care, and services
provided to clients, their caregivers, and families. . 


Corinne completed her first year field placement at Bergen Family Center in Englewood, NJ, where she worked within the Adult Day
Program. Corinne conducted intake assessments with clients and their caretakers, facilitated group sessions, and planned activities
such as memory games and information sessions. Her second year placement will be at Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge, NJ.
Corinne is particularly interested in Alzheimer's Disease and dementia and how to help improve the lives of individuals living with
these conditions. After graduation, Corinne hopes to continue working with elderly individuals on the one-on-one level, as well as help
design programs that assist elderly individuals in maintaining their independence.
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