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Field Placements in Aging: Newark

Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care

Location: Cedar Grove, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, by Clinical Social Work student

My primary responsibilities included psychosocial support to individuals and families, bereavement counseling, initial biopsychosocial assessments, nursing home routine visits, home visits, and interdisciplinary team meetings. The focal client population I worked with included older adults at the end of life.

Barnabas Hospice and Palliative Care

Location: Livingston, NJ

When internship completed: 2013-2014, by Clinical Social Work student

I visited hospice patients and their families in homes, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals for psychosocial assessments. I performed new patient assessments including all documentation. I also conducted group bereavement counseling assessments. Finally, I attended weekly interdisciplinary team meetings.

The Canterbury Senior Center & Rehabilitation

Location: Cedar Grove, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Nonprofit and Public Management),Fall 2011-Spring2012

My responsibilities at the Canterbury consisted of mainly assisting the director of recreation with scheduling activities. I also got the opportunity to visit nursing homes to promote the Canterbury and gain referrals. Finally during the change in management in the dietary department, I was involved with conducting surveys with residents of food preparation and taste of the food.

Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, Morristown Memorial Hospital

Location: Morristown

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Provided supportive counseling, therapeutic groups. Focal client population was adults with terminal illness- many elders at end of life.

Castle Hill HealthCare Center

Location: Union City, NJ

When internship completed: First year (Generalist), Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Most of my responsibilities were in helping a client find a home before he had to be discharged from the nursing home. Other responsibilities included translating with Spanish-speaking clients to the social worker. I also did the intakes assessments in the subacute unit when a new client came in and worked on discharging clients as well.

Cedar Crest Continuing Care Retirement Community

Location: Pompton Plains, NJ

When internship completed: First year (Generalist), Fall 2012-Spring 2013 

I provided supportive counseling to clients with depression, anxiety and dementia. Followed up with residents after any accidents or illnesses to assess for safety and need for additional support. Created and facilitated a support group for new residents to help them get acclimated to the community. Conducted cognitive assessments (MOCA) as a part of intake interviews and on an as needed basis for current residents. Attended social work team meetings, interdisciplinary staff meetings and long-term care interdisciplinary care plan meetings.

Cedar Crest Village

Location: Pompton Plains, NJ 

When internship completed: 2014-2015, Clinical Social Work students

Student #1: I was in the Independent Living neighborhood of Cedar Crest Village where I worked with older adults (aged 65 and older). I interacted with residents in a variety of ways including going to the residents' apartments due to incident reports, weekly visits, or friendly visits; completing assessments such as pre-residency interviews, MOCAs, and BESTs; attending group meetings including an Alzheimer's support group, adult day services for residents, and memory fitness; and interacting in the hallways or in the office when residents came to me with concerns. I primarily did case management work and ensured that all the residents' needs were being met, and I responded when a resident needed more support, a higher level of care, more community involvement, etc. I also met with a few residents regularly for psychosocial/emotional support. My co-interns and I also developed our own support group that met for 6 weeks.

Student #2: I conducted a series of move-in visits with new independent living older adults to assist them in acclimating and adjusting to their new life on campus and to encourage their socialization. I provided both one-time and ongoing supportive counseling to well elders and terminally ill elders, including those at the end of life, and grief counseling for older residents who had experienced a loss. I also conducted initial and follow-up psychosocial assessments and MOCA evaluations with elderly residents identified as having possible cognitive impairment. I performed wellness checks with elderly residents, who were recently discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation to their independent living apartment, to ensure they were adjusting well and have the appropriate level of care and services in place. I co-facilitated stress reduction workshops for older residents in varying stages of health.

Student #3: My tasks included: • Completing psychosocial assessments • Participating in interdisciplinary care planning meetings • Facilitating discharge planning, including coordinating/ and participating in discharge meetings and making appropriate community referrals • Updating insurance companies as required on the resident's status • Inviting residents and families to quarterly meetings • Reviewing Resident Rights and Advanced Directives • Participating in and helping to develop support group • Conducting individual weekly counseling sessions with residents assigned to caseload.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care, The Valley Brook Center

Location: Lyndhurst, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

The bulk of my work was doing individual and group therapy with older adults with chronic mental illnesses. I also did the activity groups as needed by staff. I also did some treatment plans and intakes with staff.

Daughters of Miriam

Location: Clifton, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2011-Spring 2012; Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Student #1: Clinical counseling to Independent living Tenants, concrete social services to tenants on a daily basis. Advocating for tenants with hospital and governmental agencies. Organized and ran tenant meetings. All elderly clients of diverse ethnicity, racial, and religious backgrounds.  

Student #2: At this placement, I had the opportunity to conduct MDS interviews with long-term and subacute residents. I also provided 9 clients with weekly supportive therapy, and conducted a weekly reminiscent spanish speaking group with dementia residents. I also worked with tenants living in the independant living apartments helping with very concrete social work issues such as making calls to insurance companies for spanish speaking clients. The most rewarding experience was providing 2 residents on hospice with end of life supportive therapy.

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Location: Morris Planes, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013-Spring 2014. 2014-2015 (Clinical Social Work)

Student #1: Worked with fellow social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehab counselors, and various clinical support to help patients with psychiatric illness achieve recovery and coping skills necessary for community reintegration on the geriatric unit at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. Managed a caseload of five patients, facilitated discharge planning group, Interacted with community providers to arrange for discharge planning. Provided support and education about mental illness and hospital procedures, including HIPPA regulations to patients and their family members. Completed multiple comprehensive assessments including: Initial Psychosocial, Annual social, Readmission social as well as monthly and weekly progress notes. Met patient weekly for individual therapy for borderline personality disorder, developmental delays, and substance abuse issues in addition to her primary diagnosis of major depression with psychotic features. Observed and participated in several treatment team meetings each week with patients, family, and community providers present.

Student #2: I facilitated supportive counseling and conducted an Illness Management Recovery (IMR) group for the elderly deaf patients with the help of ASL interpreters. I completed patients' progress notes, annual assessments, and conducted psychosocial intakes. I assisted in facilitating groups such as pre-discharge with the hearing patients and with treatment team meetings, etc.

Hamilton Madison House Senior Center

Location: New York, NY

When internship completed:Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Supportive counseling, case management for seniors, senior housing management, coordinating volunteer recognition event, etc. Focal client population: Asian older adults.

Hartley House, HOPE program

Location: New York, NY

When internship completed: Second year (Nonprofit and Public Management), Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Provided comprehensive case management for older adults, 60 and over, most of them were homebound clients that live in the community. My responsibilities in this area included assisting clients with on formal and informal money management, applying for benefits and entitlements, conducting home visits and ensuring that the clients' needs were being met. I also attended several workshops that pertained to services for older adults and government grants.

Hudson Pride Connections Center

Location: Jersey City, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013

I facilitated SAGE (Service & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) weekly meetings, supportive counseling for LGBT youth through late adulthood, wrote grants, and letter of inquires.

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest

Location: Whippany or Florham Park, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2011-Spring 2012; Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Student #1: As a social work intern in the Older Adults Division, I performed individual and family counseling to older adults through home and office visits, conduct comprehensive psychosocial and geriatric assessments and perform assessments and re-assessments of meals on wheels. Additionally, I completed assessments and re-assessments of Holocaust grants, participate in Cafe Europa, a social support group for Holocaust survivors, and coordinate services to maintain independence of disabled and older adults. I participated in clinical seminars, departmental meetings, peer supervision, and staff meetings. 

Student #2: Provided counseling for homebound older adults.  Conducted some case management through experience as a therapist for older adults.  Facilitated a therapy group for seniors living in a senior housing facility.  Engaged in planning and implementation of programs for Holocaust survivors.

Jewish Home at Rockleigh

Location: Rockleigh, NJ

When internship completed:2012-2013, by Generalist student

I worked with a variety of clients (residents with dementia, acute care patients, and caregivers) in both one-on-one situations and in groups. I attended daily staff meetings, monthly caregiver support groups, and quarterly bioethics meetings. I facilitated and co-facilitated two weekly resident meetings. I worked directly with one client weekly and 6-7 clients biweekly. I assisted new residents through the admission process. I evaluated staff perspectives regarding their roles and responsibilities within the agency and used these interviews and other research to develop an action plan for improving the level of staff engagement and quality of care on the secured dementia unit. I attended care plan meetings with interdisciplinary staff and family members to stay informed about resident and family needs and concerns.

Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice and Home Care

Location: Sparta, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2011-Spring 2012

I worked in both hospice and bereavement. I conducted initial assessment, individual counseling, and self-help support groups. Focal client population included elder at the end of life, disabilities, caregivers, and bereaved.

Lillian Booth Actors' Home

Location: Englewood, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013; First year (Generalist) Fall 2013- Spring 2014

Student #1: At Lillian Booth, I saw 2-4 clients on a weekly basis for supportive counseling and assisted approximately 40 residents with such things as Medicare, paying bills, and Advance Directives. I also completed tasks such as quarterly assessments, mini-mentals, social service notes, attending Hospice meetings and trainings, and Medicare cut letters. In addition, I was available on a regular basis for residents requiring supportive counseling or assistance with computers, and accessing resources such as other departments, credit card companies, and finding suitable senior independent living.

Student #2: I primarily worked with older individuals between the ages of 65 to 100 who resided in the assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in the Lillian Booth Actors Home. I was in charge of providing supportive counseling, conducting mini-mental status exams with the residents, helping residents complete various Social Security applications, and updating my clients' medical charts as needed. I was also given a project in which I had to obtain the licensures and background checks of all nursing aides hired outside our facility. I also advocated for my clients by calling the Social Security office if any problems with Social Security checks ever arose.

Mental Health Association

Location: Montclair, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013-Spring 2014

I helped to provide support and counseling to the aging population along with their family members who have may be dealing with any mental illness.

Newark Extended Care Facility

Location: Newark, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Processed and engaged patients upon admission and discharge. Patients ranged in age from 18 y/o to 100 y/o. I saw about 10 new patients and 10 routine visits per day. Patients were of several ethnic groups and sexual preference, male and female, and were admitted for a range of illnesses. I had contact with families by phone and in person. Made contact with outside facilities and connected clients with programs and services; also needed to plan for after-discharge accommodations (transportation, housing, Medicaid or Medicare services.) I also interacted with all multi-disciplinary professionals to collaborate in patient care issues.

New Beth Israel Medical Center

Location: New York, NY

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Worked with elderly patients in the emergency room; in dialysis center with transplant patients; worked with adults with disabilities, mental illness, sickle Cell Anemia, dementia, Alzheimer, COPD and a variety of illnesses; did discharge planning and conducting family meetings.

NJTIP (New Jersey Travel Independence Program)

Location: Livingston, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Non-profit and public management), Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Conducted travel training for older adults in senior housing and centers; mobility management; grant writing; program planning; resource inventory; and  customized resource guide design.

Overlook Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit

Location: Summit, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Summer 2013-Spring 2014

My primary responsibilities included: running group therapy, completing psychosocial assessments, attending treatment planning meetings, interacting one on one with patients, discharge planning, facilitating family meetings. The client population varied from ages 18-95 with mental illness and dementia/behavioral disturbances. I worked with patients and their families. Most of my patients were adults ages ranging from 40-94

Prospect House

Location: East Orange, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, by Clinical Social Work student

As an intern, I provided concrete social casework services to psychiatric patients and their families, including individual, group, and family supportive and educational counseling during individual, group, and family meetings. I prepared complete psychosocial assessments providing information obtained for diagnosis and treatment including physical, familial, and developmental history as well as marital, financial, and occupational status. I also conducted daily therapeutic individual and group psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and family support.

Senior Care Medical Day Center

Location: Montclair, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Responsibilities included (a) interface/counsel seniors and family members in medical day care setting, (b) interview and provide tours for seniors and family members, (c), assist supervisor with day-to day paperwork and papers necessary for state/federal requirements (e.g., agriculture forms, DOH forms, etc.), and (d) interface between seniors and medical, activities, and transportation departments.

South Mountain Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

Location: Vauxhall, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Worked with sub acute rehab patients and nursing home residents with intakes and discharge planning. Provided individual and group counseling. Trained staff and educated residents. Participated in quality assurance.

Stratford Manor Rehabilitation and Care Center

Location: West Orange, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013-Spring 2014

As an intern, I completed admission psychosocial and mood assessments with residents, scheduled and participated in family meetings with the IDCP team. Assisted residents with applications for housing, transfers to other facilities, and discharge planning to home. Updated and completed MDS for resident chart and provided social service support to residents, family and also staff.

Summit Oaks, Adult Psychiatric Unit

Location: Summit, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, Clinical Social Work student

My role was to complete Biopsychosocial Assessment with newly admitted patient, attend treatment team meetings to understand the interdisciplinary role within the unit and continuing care for each patient, facilitate group psychotherapy, co-facilitate with assigned social worker a family meeting, make collateral phone calls, outreach to case managers following patients, outreach to find housing, connection with government assistance, link with transportation as needed, complete discharge safety plan and discharge information with patient and create a summary for psychiatric court.

UMDNJ - Infectious Disease Practice

Location: Newark, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Participation by presenting in Women’s Group, provided assistance with CAB, gathered information from mental health counselor regarding mental health assessments and follow up, completed assessments and reassessments on about 50 clients, provided assistance with ADDP, supervise urine testing with substance abuse counselor, attended Essex county college HIV testing event, assist with transportation, participate with World Aids Day event sponsored by the clinic, provided assistance with NJ Transit reduced fare program. Meetings attended consist of: case presentation meeting, medical case management meetings and provider meetings that are all held bi-weekly. The diversity of the client base at IDP are of all gender, race, ethnicity and socio economic classes mainly adult population.

Visiting Homemaker Services

Location: Jersey City, NJ

When internship completed: 2011-2012, by MAP student

I was a case manager providing services to the elderly and disabled population. In addition to providing counseling services, I made home visits to assist the clients with unmet needs. I also served as a liaison and advocate for the clients and would refer them to other services as needed.

Vitas Hospice

Location: Livingston, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Summer, 2011 - Spring 2012; Second year (Non-profit and public management), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Student #1: I counseled and provided services for elders and families at the end of life. Facilitated a supportive counseling group for a caregiver bereavement group. 

Student #2: Provided counseling and care for patients on hospice care and their families.  Went to Alzheimer's and dementia facilities and provided activities and interacted with the residents.  Also had patients located within these facilities.  Visited them regularly and kept client notes on their treatment plans and interventions.  Worked with elders at the end of life, adults with disabilities, caregivers, families, institutions such as the VA, Global Care Options, nursing homes etc.

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