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Field Placements in Aging: Camden

Burlington County Board of Social Services (APS)

Location: Mount Holly, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Nonprofit and Public Management), Winter 2014-Spring 2014

I worked with adults and older adults, who were frail, abused, neglected, or exploited. My tasks included answering the hotline, taking referrals, interacting with clients and other social services agencies, and assisting with investigations. I also did administrative duties on behalf of the homeless population that included creating an affordable housing list for clients and staff.

Cooper Cancer Institute

Location: Voorhees, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

My primary responsibilities were to conduct psychosocial assessments during patients initial appointments with the doctor. I also co-facilitated support groups, helped with financial assistance and made referrals for nursing care and hospice. Majority of my population included elders. Some of the elders were at the end of life. I advocated for my patients and also advised them on advanced directives.

Cooper University Hospital

Location: Camden, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, by Clinical Social Work student

The focal population was substance abusers, rehab placements, and homelessness. My responsibility was to ensure my patients have a safe discharge plan, discuss discharge planning with patient and their family members, and provide education on available resources to patients who suffer from substance abuse. I helped patients who were homeless to find shelter resources. I submitted referrals to rehab facilities for patients who need rehab placement

Confident Adult Medical Day Care

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Summer 2012- Spring 2013

I provided case management services to adults with disabilities and elderly. I also assisted with services as needed. I provided counseling services as needed and was the group leader of a counseling group for elderly.

Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Location: Browns Mills, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

I conducted discharge planning and brief counseling with medically (and sometimes financially) vulnerable individuals, most of them older adults, and their families.  I became familiar with community services for older adults and made referrals.

Genesis Healthcare Nursing

Location: Cinnaminson, NJ

When internship completed: First year (Generalist), Fall, 2010-Spring, 2011; Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2011-Spring, 2012

Student #1: Conducted medical social work assessments. Formed intake care plan. Held care conferences with patients and their families. Addressed and remedied care issues with patients. Prepared for patient discharge. Clients varied in age; however, most were over the age of 70.

Student #2: As an intern at Genesis Healthcare, I performed learned and performed many of the tasks of the social work department. I conducted intake interviews with newly admitted geriatric patients with a variety of cognitive deficits and physical disabilities. During these interviews, I conducted mood assessments and memory tests and complete social work histories with the assistance of family members. I also discussed healthcare decisions with patients and their families and educate them on their choices. In addition, I participated in family meetings, care conferences, and discharge planning. Lastly, I provided one-on-one counseling with residents suffering from mental disorders, especially depression, and those having trouble adjusting to life in a rehabilitation facility.

Heartland Hospice

Location: Woodbury, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013; First year (Generalist), Fall 2013-Spring 2014 

Student #1: I provided emotional support and located resources for patients on hospice services and their family members, such as Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, body donation, Adult Make a Wish Foundation, etc. I also served as a volunteer to many patients as a companion and friendly visitor to them. I completed social work admissions, monthly visits and attended weekly interdisciplinary meetings.

Student #2: I worked closely with the social worker in obtaining helpful resources for the clients, setting up respite care, and placement in long term care facilities. We also performed the initial psychosocial assessment and met with the clients once a month. We provided emotional support to the client and the family continuously.

Inspira Regional Hospital

Location: Vineland, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013-Spring 2014

On the cardiac acute unit, my main duty was to assist in the discharge planning for elderly who had suffered from a CVA or TIA. Discharge processes included providing information to the elderly regarding local rehab facilities, educating patients on care maintenance, and coordinating discharge with their desired facility. My responsibilities also varied in that I had to work with insurance companies, drug/alcohol abusers, homeless populations and coverage for individuals who lacked insurance.

Jewish Family and Children's Service

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

When internship completed:First year (Generalist), Fall, 2010-Spring, 2011

Served for the Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) program in the Senior Services Department; performed assessments; facilitated group activities among senior citizens (i.e. "Lunch Bunch", "Exploring the Past"); collected information from intake phone calls; conducted individual/family counseling sessions; attended various conferences on cultural competency; became familiar with government assistance programs

LIFE at Lourdes

Location: Pennsauken, NJ

When internship completed: First year (Generalist), Fall, 2010-Spring, 2011; Second Year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012 - Spring 2013; Second Year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013 - Spring 2014, 2014-2015 (Clinical Social Work)

Student #1: I independently conducted reassessments to identify needs for participants and present materials at care plan meetings. I facilitated therapeutic groups, more specifically for the Hispanic population in the program. I also assisted the participants with their social services needs, such as housing issues, obtaining food stamps, or receiving home energy assistance. The client population at LIFE at Lourdes included individuals who are fifty-five years or older and meet nursing home level of care.  

Student #2: Worked one on one with clients to provide emotional support. Completed assessments (6 months and annual). Attended IDT and care plan meetings.

Student #3: Psychosocial assessments, case management, and supportive counseling with the clients who were 55 and older as well as some work with their families. Clients also suffered from physical disabilities due to injury or stroke and many suffered from dementia. As an intern I worked along with an interdisciplinary team to support the client to live as independently as possible in the community. 

Student #4: Primary responsibilities included completing initial and six-month reassessments, performing geriatric depressions scales, facilitating grief and loss support groups, connecting clients with community resources, intensive case management, conducting Mini Mental Status exams and completing healthcare proxy and advanced directive forms. 

Student #5:Tasks included: case management; one-on-one counseling; co-facilitating a women's feelings group; strategic planning; and assisting older adults with gaining access to needed programs.

Student #6: Tasks included: therapeutic groups; writing and reviewing care plans; completing annual and six month assessments; supportive counseling; and advocating for elders at state agencies and via telephone.

Lutheran Care

Location: Moorestown, NJ

When internship completed: First year (Generalist), Fall, 2010-Spring, 2011; Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2011-Spring, 2012; Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2012-Spring, 201; Second year (Clinical Social Work), June- Dec 2012 and Jan-April 2013, 2014-2015 (Clinical Social Work)

Student #1: Oriented the new residents to acclimate to a long term care setting. Provided counseling to the consumers of LCM. Assessed and completed mental status exams and documentation of the consumers in the facility. Independently led care conferences to help advocate for the residents’ rights. Worked with the families of the client to provide emotional support and information. Prepared residents for discharge by connecting residents in need to outside organizations in the community

Student #2: I performed intake assessments on new residents and mood assessments on current residents. I attended care conferences with family members and other staff meetings. I helped with discharge planning and contacting family members as necessary. The population was mostly elderly in the sub-acute and long term care setting.

Student #3: My primary responsibilities were to advocate for the frail elderly through advocacy tasks, such as; counseling, care conferences, completion of psychosocial assessments, family intervention, death and dying issues. Social worker assisted resident in connection for advanced directive completion. 

Student #4: Performed assessments; attended morning clinical meeting, care plan reviews, interagency meetings, utilization review meetings, family meetings, and TREC meetings. Practiced individual counseling skills with the elderly population. Worked with sub acute patients from the intake through the discharge process. Collaborated with interdisciplinary staff in a professional manner to ensure the utmost care and safety for all patients. Connected Masters level coursework to a professional social work role at an agency. Shadowed a LCSW casework Social Worker at an elderly program for a year.

Student #5: Ensuring residents' psychosocial needs were met, doing discharge planning, going over advanced directives with residents, doing initial assessments, observing care plan meetings, observing Medicare utilization meetings, doing Mini Mental Status Examinations, and filing. 

Student #6: One of my primary responsibilities was to effectively complete "intake assessments", as well as advocate for these clients’ biopsychosocial needs. I also gained exposure in completing a "men's group" that focused on social skills for men while they transitioned into the nursing home setting. Additionally, supportive counseling was a major part of the intern's duties during meetings with the patient and families.

Manor Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Home

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2012-Spring, 2013

At Manor Care my main responsibilities were initial assessments, quarterly notes, and discharge planning. I had to set the rehabilitation patients up with home care and medical equipment to meet their needs. The elderly residents, who live at the facility, are aided by the social workers with therapeutic groups and planning for the future.

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, Acute Rehab Unit

Location: Camden, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, by Clinical Social Work student

Primary responsibilities included completing psychosocial assessments to determine how the patient functioned prior to hospitalization, attending interdisciplinary team conferences and giving report from a social work perspective, referring clients to additional resources and facilities if need be (e.g. subacute rehabs, home care agencies, etc.), and meeting with families and patients to review the team conference information. The focal client population was older adults who suffered from a stroke, hip fractures, hip/knee replacements, and deconditioning following complex care.

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Location: Camden, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, Clinical Social Work student

I provided individual and family counseling and worked with clients on discharge planning. The population I worked with were elders at the end of life, adults with disabilities, and caregivers.

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

Location: Philadelphia, PA

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2012-Spring, 2013; Second year (Clinical Social Work) Fall 2013- Spring 2014

Student #1: As a service coordinator intern in the Family Caregiver Support Program, I managed a caseload of 15 older adults and their caregivers.  I spoke with each caregiver monthly, made visits quarterly, and completed bi-annual reassessments of consumers.  I provided caregivers and care recipients with information regarding resources they were eligible for through the program.  This included reimbursement for respite workers and over the counter supplies, as well as up front coverage of many home modifications (hand held shower, grab bars, stair glide, etc.).

Student #2: Adult Protective Services- Investigate reports of abuse and neglect including emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, self-neglect, caregiver neglect. Refer to services.

Philadelphia VA Medical Center-Geriatric Outpatient Clinic-Module D

Location: Philadelphia, PA

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2011-Spring, 2012 

Provided supportive counseling to veterans 75+ years of age. Provide assistance in finding low-income senior housing; referred to community for in-home support services such as HHA, Meals-on-Wheels, safety assessment, and waiver program eligibility. Also I assisted in filling out paperwork for emergency relief funds, VA Aid & Attendance, Respite Stay, LTC and Short term stay at Community Living Center. Outpatient Clinic does not require an appointment so veterans are able to come in at any time to see a social worker to assist them with financial matters, filing for military papers, financial hardship waivers, dental in the community, glasses in the community, and light housekeeping community services. I worked closely with County offices on aging to find supplemental services to assist veterans in remaining home independently as long as it is safely possible. I also assisted in POA, State Veterans Home applications, MEANS testing, and arranging Special Mode of Transportation for WC bound veterans. I also took part in the National Caregivers Day at the PVAMC.

Regional Medical Center

Location: Vineland, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2011-Spring, 2012

I responsible for Discharge planning and setting up services for elders upon there release to home, rehab, and LTC. I completed initial assessments and evaluates patients for needs or deficits and made referrals accordingly. I world offer supportive counseling to families and the patient to deal with their new disability.

Salem County Office on Aging

Location: Salem, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2011-Spring, 2012

I was asked to shadow each person in the office for at least one day and have been made knowledgeable about Transportation, Social Work billing, Department billing, the program planning for new outreach programs, and has had the opportunity to work with the Adult Protection Officer. I often helped out by performing the duties of the office Receptionist/Operator. I had taken on all responsibilities of the CPCH clients, monthly and quarterly face to face meetings and meetings with the aides and nurses.

Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice

Location: Mount Holly, NJ

When internship completed: 2013-2014, by Clinical Social Work student

Tasks included: psychosocial Assessments; care planning along with team; creating and implementing safe discharge plans when appropriate; assessing appropriate bereavement level of care; continuing assessment of patient/family needs; and communication with hospice team.

Senior Citizens United Community Services

Location: Audubon, NJ

When internship completed: 2013-2014, by Generalist student

Tasks included: contacting clients via phone monthly to ensure they are receiving their services; visiting clients quarterly to complete their assessment and reevaluate their services and care plan; meeting with client and family; documenting notes; assisting with additional requests such as contacting home care agencies, sending faxes, contacting doctor's office, and completing care plans to change/delete or add additional services.

The Special Care Center

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Summer 2013-Spring 2014

I helped to assist clients by providing both therapy and case management. The Special Care Center works with chronically ill diabetics. The population of the area was very diverse and the recipients of the SCC services generally tended to be local immigrants who were low income and worked within the casinos.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital - Kimmel Cancer Center

Location: Philadelphia, PA

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall, 2012-Spring, 2013

I helped patients through supportive counseling, resource connection, grant application, and research.  I was part of a Senior Adult Oncology clinic at the cancer center for patients over the age of 70.  It was a multidisciplinary clinic for comprehensive care.  I also helped to develop a psychosocial distress screening tool for patients.

United Methodist Homes Collingswood Manor

Location: Collingswood, NJ

When internship completed: 2014-2015, by MAP Student

I provided residents and families with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. I referred residents or family to community resources to assist in recovery from mental or physical illness. I planed discharge from care facility to home or other care facility. I conducted initial assessments and participated in care conferences. I collaborated with other professionals to evaluate patients' medical or physical conditions and to assess their needs.

Vitas Hospice

Location: Stratford, NJ

When internship completed: Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2012-Spring 2013; Second year (Clinical Social Work), Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Student #1: I conducted initial and follow up psychosocial assessments for patients and their families during end of life. I provided resources to patients and families regarding LTC placements, legal services, caregiver resources, final arrangements, and veterans services. I provided emotional support to patients and families during end of life.

Student #2: I completed psychosocial assessments of patients and families. I provided support and counseling to patients and families dealing with emotional or social conflicts. I assisted in the discharge planning of patients. I assisted in facilitating a bereavement support group.

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