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Global Social Work Area of Emphasis

Students may earn an Area of Emphasis in Global Social Work which is noted on the MSW transcript. An area of emphasis in global social work requires three relevant courses and an appropriate field placement.

Social Work Courses (3-Credits):

  • Global Social Work and Social Development – 19.500.545 (elective)
  • HBSE: Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees - 19.910.543 

Study Abroad (3 Credits)

  • Israel: Summer Session (Summer – 4 weeks in-country – field placement)
  • China: Summer Sessions (2 weeks in late May - early June; optional 70-hour internship post-course)
  • Romania: Summer Session (Summer – 4 weeks in-country – field placement) 
  • Mexico: Winter Session (2 weeks in early January)
  • India: Winter Sessions (2 weeks in early January)

Field Education Opportunities

In addition, the Office of Field Education works with students with relevant experience and course work to find field placement opportunities in US-based organizations that provide global social work opportunities such as services to immigrants and refugees.

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