New Jersey Victim Assistance Academy

Welcome to the New Jersey Victim Assistance Academy (NJVAA) website.  In October of 2008, the Rutgers School of Social Work - Institute for Families received funding from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) to establish a New Jersey Victim Assistance Academy (NJVAA).  The grant is administered by the New Jersey State Division of Criminal Justice.

The New Jersey Victim Assistance Academy (NJVAA) is a 40-hour, academically-based training that provides a fundamental overview of the entire field of crime victim services including victimology, the justice system, advocacy and victim rights so that participation in the academy can serve as the first broad level of tiered training.

In the training, participants will be provided tools to enhance their own professional development.  They will also learn and practice the essential skills needed to empower crime victims to make their own choices on how to cope with their victimization.

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Sandra C. Moroso, Senior Project Coordinator
Institute for Families 
School of Social Work 
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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This was the most beneficial training I've participated in in years; the information presented was practical and informative.

The Academy was a great experience that everyone should go through working in this field..

The Academy provides fundamental resources
that every service provider needs to know.

I looked forward to it every week.  My classmates, the presenters, the adult learning, all made it informative and fun.

I loved how interactive each class was.

Our learning environment was open and I never feared asking questions.

This was a valuable experience that enhances one’s ability to work with and understand victims.

I’m so happy I took advantage of this training! It was extremely helpful, organized, friendly, and a great atmosphere of teamwork!