Kristin Scherrer
Kristin Scherrer
Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan
Dr. Scherrer’s research interests include aging and the lifecourse, GLBTQ sexualities, and family relationships.
848-932-4492, ext. 24492


Kristin Scherrer is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work and conducts research on aging and the lifecourse, GLBTQ sexualities, and family relationships. Her research examines how age, generation and cohort shape how individuals recognize themselves as having sexual minority identities and how these identities affect their family life. Most recently, she investigated how family relationships, and grandparent-grandchild relationships in particular, are affected by the discovery of a grandchild’s gay, lesbian bisexual or queer (GLBQ) sexual orientation. Currently Dr. Scherrer is exploring how issues of sexuality (e.g., sexual orientation, sexual health, sexual education) shape the relationships between grandparents and the grandchildren they are raising. Ultimately, her research informs social work practice with intergenerational families, particularly on issues of sexuality.

Dr. Scherrer conducted her graduate work at the University of Michigan where she received her PhD in Social Work and Sociology (2011), MSW (2006) and MA in Sociology (2007). While at the University of Michigan her research was supported by a National Institute on Aging Pre-Doctoral Training Fellowship in Social Research on Applied Issues in Aging and a Hartford Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in Geriatric Social Work.

Courses Taught:

  • Social Work Practice I

Selected Recent Publications:

Scherrer, K. S. (2010) The intergenerational family relationships of grandparents and GLBQ grandchildren. The Journal of GLBT Family Studies. 6(3) 229-264.

Woodford, M., Sheets, K., Scherrer, K. S., Addams, B., Tenkate, I., and d'Eon-Blemings, R. (2010) Social work practice with lesbian adoptive couples. Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work. 25(3) 278-290.

Martin, K. A., Hutson, D. J., Kazyak, E. A. & Scherrer, K. S. (2010) Advice when children come out: The cultural "tool-kit" of parents. Journal of Family Issues. 31(7) 960-991.

Scherrer, K. S. (2010) How asexuality contributes to the same sex marriage discussion. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. 22(1, 2) 56-73.

Scherrer, K. S. (2009) Images of sexuality and aging. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 6(4) 5-12.

Scherrer, K. S. (2008) Coming to an asexual identity: Negotiating identity, negotiating desire. Sexualities. 11(5) 621-641.