MSW Curriculum

Curriculum at a Glance

Professional Foundation Courses

All students, except those with baccalaureate degrees from programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, are required to take all of the foundation courses. These courses contain a body of knowledge, values, and skills essential for social work practice. This common base is transferable among settings, population groups, and problems areas. The foundation curriculum consists of courses in generalist social work practice with corresponding field instruction, human behavior and the social environment, psychopathology, introductory social work research methods, social welfare policy and services, and a course focused on diversity and oppression. Successful completion of the foundation program is required before beginning the advanced curriculum.

19:910:500  Social Work Practice I with Individuals, Families, and Groups;
19:910:501 Social Work Practice II with Organizations and Communities (3,3)
19:910:502 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)
19:910:504  Social Welfare Policy and Services I (3)
19:910:505  Methods of Social Work Research I (3)
19:910:506  Diversity and Oppression (3)
19:910:507  Psychopathology (3)
19:910:508  Field Education Practicum I (3)
19:910:509  Field Education PracticumII (3)

Advanced Curriculum

The advanced curriculum consists of a concentration in a method of advanced practice, an advanced research course, advanced field instruction, and electives. Only after successful completion of the professional foundation courses and the statistics requirement can students begin the advanced curriculum. Students must select a concentration of either Clinical Social Work or Nonprofit and Public Management.

19:910:511,512 Clinical Social Work I,II (3,3)
19:910:535,536 Management Practice and Theory; Program and Strategic Planning (3,3)
19:910:542 or 584 or 585 Social Welfare Policy and Services II (3)
19:910:595 Methods of Social Work Research II (3)
19:910:600, 601 Field Education Practicum III,IV (3,3)
19:910:___ Advanced Practice Distribution Requirement (3)
19:910:___ Advanced Human Behavior Distribution Requirement (3)


Three general elective courses are required to complete the MSW program. Any elective offered through the School of Social Work meets the general elective requirement. Typically, students complete one general elective during the Professional Foundation program and two during the Advanced Curriculum.

Students may take general elective courses at any point in the program. Only after successful completion of the professional foundation courses and the statistics requirement are students eligible to take advanced electives.  Students should review course descriptions for additional pre- or corequisites for elective courses.

Students are also required to complete an Advanced Human Behavior Distribution Requirement and Advanced Practice Distribution Requirement course (see course descriptions or review  "Curriculum at a Glance" for a list of electives that meet these requirements).

Foundation Electives

19:910:538 Law and Social Work
19:910:539 Community Organizations
19:910:543 HBSE: Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees *
19:910:544 Policy Perspectives on Poverty and Inequality
19:910:545 International Social Work
19:910:547 HBSE: Loss Across the Lifespan*
19:910:549 Emerging Issues in Child Welfare and Policy Practice
19:910:559 LGBTQ Issues
19:910:560 Current Issues in Developmental Disabilities
19:910:561 Group Dynamics
19:910:562 Chronic Illness and Disability
19:910:564 Women's Issues
19:910:566 HBSE: Violence and Abuse in Adulthood*
19:910:567 HBSE: Violence and Abuse in Childhood*
19:910:569 HBSE: AIDS*
19:910:571 HBSE: Understanding Addictive Behaviors*
19:910:572 Aging and Gerontological Services
19:910:582 Spirituality and Social Work
19:910:583 Human Sexuality for the Helping Professions
19:910:588 Direct Practice: Theory and Models

 *also meets one of the distribution requirements

Advanced Electives

19:910:513 Clinical Social Work: Adolescents*
19:910:516 Clinical Social Work: Health*
19:910:517 Clinical Social Work: Mental Health*
19:910:518 Clinical Social Work: Children*
19:910:519 Clinical Social Work: Families*
19:910:520 Clinical Social Work: School*
19:910:521 Clinical Social Work: Addictive Behaviors*
19:910:523 Clinical Social Work:  Survivors of Abuse and Trauma*
19:910:525 Clinical Social Work: Aging*
19:910:528 Human Resource Management*
19:910:529 HBSE: Adolescents at Risk*
19:910:530 Solution Focused Therapy
19:910:534 Child Welfare Management
19:910:537 Financial Management*
19:910:540 Supervision and Consultation*
19:910:541 Fundraising and Marketing*
19:910:550 Play Therapy

*also meets one of the distribution requirements