About Us

Since 2007, VAWC has evolved as a place where people from the academic, nonprofit, government, and corporate sectors meet to collaborate on research, education, and training. VAWC has grown exponentially under the leadership of Dr. Judy L. Postmus, Dr. Sarah McMahon, and Dr. Cassandra Simmel, and a strong staff, whose work is recognized at state, national, and international levels.


The mission of the Center on Violence Against Women & Children is to strive to eliminate physical, sexual, and other forms of violence against women and children and the power imbalances that permit them.

This mission will be accomplished through the use of a collaborative approach that focuses on multidisciplinary research, education, and training that impacts communities and policy in New Jersey, the U.S., and throughout the world.


Our vision is to be a locally, nationally, and internationally-recognized center for research and education on violence against women and children. In doing so, we actively engage in partnerships that respond to the community's ever-changing needs. We also seek a diverse network of affiliates who contribute to our research and education agenda and act as conversation partners on addressing violence on individual, family, community and societal levels. We strive to be an academic model for other universities.

Areas of Focus

Community-based, collaborative research on issues related to violence against women and children including program evaluation and evidence-based practice at the individual, family, organizational, community and policy levels.

Professional Training & Certification
Instructor-led and interactive, web-based continuing education of professionals, resulting in enhanced personal and job competencies. Certificate programs for continuing education of professionals that can be replicated nationally or internationally. 

M.S.W. Education
Offering the only advanced degree in Social Work specializing in violence against women and children. Preparing future executives and advocates working in domestic violence, sexual assault, or child welfare organizations.

Community Partnerships

A venue for collaboration, dialogue, and problem-solving among survivors of violence, and academic, government, corporate and nonprofit groups.