Center for International Social Work

The Center for International Social Work aims to be a leader in responding to global interdependence which has brought increased awareness to shared human problems across the globe. The Center’s objectives include:

  • Advocate for increased recognition of the profession of social work with unique strengths for addressing human vulnerability on a global scale.
  • Foster connections with UN agencies, international development organizations, and governments to advance faculty and student research, practice, and technical assistance opportunities.
  • Support the internationalization of Rutgers through collaborative initiatives with the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA).
  • Expand instructional programs and course content on topics relevant to social work policy, research and practice to address global issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, disability and children separated from their families.
  • Expand international education and research opportunities for students and faculty.

The Center for International Social Work works to bring the world into the classroom and expand international research, education, and service opportunities for students and faculty.

Current work in progress:
  • Raising the profile of social work at the United Nations
  • Advancing case management practice in countries of the former Soviet Bloc
  • Child protection system strengthening through social work education and workforce development in Sub Saharan Africa
  • Addressing gender-based violence and inequality in Liberia
  • Promoting sound policies and programs that support immigrant integration in the US
  • Raising awareness of the risks of human trafficking in the US and beyond

This work is done in partnership with:
International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)
Center on Violence Against Women and Children and Huamin Research Center
Rutgers Center for African Studies
American Immigrant Policy Portal
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