Programs on Aging

Interested in social work and aging? Smart choice - Social workers with passion and skills focused on aging are in demand. The National Institute on Aging projects that by 2020, approximately 70,000 social workers with expertise in aging will be needed to serve the growing older adult population. That means nearly doubling the current pool of social workers with expertise in aging.

Although gerontological social work is considered a specialty, the field is actually quite broad, as older adults are oftentimes involved in the lives of individuals of all ages and that, of course, everybody is aging!

Social work and aging encompasses many other subspecialties of social work, including mental health, medical social work, and families. Gerontological social workers also practice across diverse settings - from public healthcare organizations to government offices to private industry.

Social workers with expertise in aging are uniquely positioned to enhance the quality of life among adults who are experiencing aging-related challenges, such as deteriorating heath, decreased mobility, or increased need for social supports and service delivery systems. Social workers often mobilize strengths within individuals, families, groups, and communities to address such challenges; accordingly, the area of social work and aging demands both micro- and macro- practice.

Rutgers School of Social Work is committed to growing the workforce of social workers with training in aging for the state of New Jersey and beyond. The School aims not only to increase the number of professional social workers with expertise in aging, but to develop a gerontological workforce that is prepared to provide leadership and demonstrate excellence in meeting the challenges and maximizing the strengths of an aging population.


Overview of this Website

This website provides information about Rutgers School of Social Work's Programs on Aging, including:

  • MSW Education: Information about the School's MSW Certificate in Aging and MSW Fellowship in Aging programs.
  • Continuing Education: Information about the School's continuing education workshops in aging, as well as four continuing education certificate programs.
  • Research in Aging: Information about social work faculty at Rutgers who are conducting research in aging.
  • Community Connections in Aging: Information about the community partners who are involved with the School's Programs on Aging as advisory board members, field education placement sites, and beyond.
  • Events and Opportunities: Up-to-date about local conferences and workshops in aging, requests for proposals and nominations, and opportunities around networking, volunteering, and employment in aging.
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